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How can we assist you?


Please note we cannot give quotes online without assessing the job in person.

We are happy to have you drop in at our showroom for a quote or we can visit

your home within the Moreton Bay Shire. We provide good old fashioned service and prefer a phone call and meeting our clients face to face!

Due to our workload at the present time please note that emails will take longer to reply to and we would therefore suggest you contact us by phone first.


Telephone: (07) 3408 2155




Go to the "Where are we?" page for a map

Your one-stop shop for quality upholstery services including furniture, auto and commercial works.         
Sorry, we are unable to quote from photos sent by  email or Facebook unless prior contact has been made by phone.  We are happy to quote on items brought to us or we can arrange an on-site quote.
Visit our showroom for mattresses, bases and custom bedheads, blanket boxes and our new
pooch-friendly blanket box.

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